Napis na rysunku: "(...) I ride a comet, My trail is long to stay (...) There are times, my heart hangs low. Born to walk against the wind (...) Those who laugh and crawd the path and cut each other throats will fall like a melting snow (...)"

Cum spiro, spero!

Napis na rysunku: Dopóki oddycham... dopóki jest... nie przestanę!


The Sun

Napis na rysunku: "Should I follow my heart to the ends of the Earth, Would I find, in time, what a life of truth is worth? 
Embracing emptiness, Embracing loneliness, Forsaking the fortress in a quest for the Holy Grail. In shadows deep I fold my wings, 
And let my dreams decide my fate, For all things come to those who wait, Who wait in wings, Who wait in faith, 
Who let their dreams decide their fate, Never fearing the departure of light, Ever journeying on through the night, 
Ever nearer, Ever dearer, The sacred mysteries (...)


The Moon's Madness



Napis na rysunku: "Hair grope for tired hands And lips for cloud's breath But now the time can’t catch them 
And the moment won't keep up Nothing can't stop the lasting battle Between heart and destiny 
I almost can hear your warm breath' Almost feel your embrace

 The Butterfly

Napis na rysunku: "Keep away monsters from hell! No I won't give you my inviting flesh! Your tongue will be torn, your bowels my food, your body impaled of shit will be full! Now foolish wariors hear my words: Loving you was like loving the dead!"


The Lady

Napis na rysunku:
"With tooth and nail I will fight, on the last day when Soulblighter
arises, even though I'm blinded and beaten, and with my last breath
I will still stand back up and spit back into evil's eye!"


Napis na rysunku: "I am the queen, I must be loved... While you are sleeping, I steal your ear ring Light you one candle, this anger
I handle They said I won't find you, but now I'M beside you I'm not all that stable 
You should know by know that you are mine... Would you prefer the mortal life instead?"


Napis na rysunku: "I will never die cause I will fly to the other side"



Akt Sławkowy


projekt: Wiesław Matysik www.matysik.siedlec.com
foto: Dorota Kolesińska
Siedlec  2009